First year at the Arts Academie in Utrecht I followed Graphic Design, then 3D Design. However the Academy and I did not fully agree with each other and I continued my way on the Graphic School in Eindhoven where I graduated in 1994.

Since 2004 I live in Lieshout where I began painting again and studied various painting courses.

2010-2013: workshop 'Painting from the essence' in France by Sietse Goverts

Sinds de zomer van 2015 ben ik gaan beeldhouwen in steen. De basisbeginselen heb ik geleerd van Peer van Gennep, workshop in hardsteen gevolgd bij Cees Meijer.

In the summer of 2015 I started sculpting in stone. The basics were tought by Peer van Gennep, by Cees Meijer I followed workshops.

2016-2017 Member of De Vresselse Beeldhouwers, Son en Breugel

Since november 2017 member of the sculptors collective Ruimte in beeld in Nuenen
Ruimte in beeld





Art group KuBra. I design the logo and corporate identity, flyers, banners etc.